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Smart-Tech is an innovative home automation system developed by Happy Sauna that before in Italy offers its customers hardware and custom software package for the complete management of its wellness center.
Have at all times the state and the full control of the entire wellness device from any PC located on the network, is the best strategy to minimize its maintenance and management costs, making check-up of capabilities and allow any intervention of remote assistance to monitor, update and act on the software or system.

The integrated touch interface to package, allows operators or spa-manager access with password levels in specific areas for planning, coordinating and controlling the equipment of the entire wellness center.

By the control software displays all the areas and the technical parameters of the items and using the interface you can set up and manage:

  • daily times on and off the entire music included center;
  • of equipment operating status;
  • check the audio source in MP3 format for the selection of songs and play lists;
  • set and monitor the temperatures;
  • checking the status aromas, lighting control and RGB scenarios;
  • alarm display of a malfunction;
  • registration distress call of the user;

With the system of tele-management via modem or ethernet, Happy Sauna can control and change the settings of the equipment directly from its offices by reducing the timing and support costs.

With the Smart-Tech system and thanks to the latest technology such as modulating filtration pumps with permanent magnets, Besgo pneumatic valves and filtering system Daisy Drayden Aqua, now the bath management is extremely easy with the fully automated management of both the speed of filtering, both of the counter-washing of the filters.

All the commands will be launched manually or through pre-set times directly from the touch. The entire system will perform in complete autonomy all those operations than with a traditional system should be performed by knowledgeable and experienced person.

On request the wellness centers that have already been installed with Smart-Tech satisfaction can be visited by our customers.



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