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 Wellness Concept

The 4 natural elements have been among those concepts illustrating the relation between man psycho-physic wellness and nature. Each element has a typical characteristic which affects life on the earth, thus the human body. The element Fire is stimulating, water purifies, the air balances, and earth is energizing.

Kneipp theory, ascribed to the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp, highlights the benefits of heat-cold swing for the human body. Nowadays it is a grounded practice in wellness centers.

4LMNT takes “treatment” concept and redefines it by mixing the natural elements characteristics with Kneipp theory. 



The Substance has origin from the four elements fusion. Consequently the life, which comes from male and female principle and is represented by the central emphasized apices. The vertical line in the middle symbolizes that everyone has a female as well as a male side in itself.

The circle is divided in four sections, one for each element represented by its alchemic symbol. The water and Fire are placed at North-South, while The Air and Earth at East-West. The colors, used to ease the brand comprehension, are those commonly associated with the elements.


Discover the wellness elements

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