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True progress is that which places technology in everyone’s hands. (Henry Ford)

Happy Sauna has always paid particular attention to technological innovation. Our creations have been and continue to be studied to improve their performance, reduce consumption, and ease the wellness center management.

In recent years, our technicians have extended the development to the automation of swimming pool and whirlpool systems, in particular on the filtration and purification plant. The result is a unique cutting-edge mechanization system, which sees the union and perfect synergy between hydraulic pumps with permanent magnets at variable speeds, Besgo pneumatic valves and the Smart-Tech automation system.

Technological innovation

The exclusive technology used on permanent magnet motors (also used on the most modern hybrid cars), by itself reduces electricity consumption by more than 30% compared to traditional induction motors. Besgo pneumatic valves are controlled by air pressure, they turn automatic the filter cleaning procedures. As a result, time and costs associated with water consumption are reduced. The Smart-Tech system interfaces and controls the functioning of entire water reserve through timetables and functioning cycles, including the filter washing maneuvers and the speed variations of modulating pumps.

Permanent magnets pumps

Permanent magnet pumps are equipped with a processor and a display installed on board that controls its operation and guarantees safety. Reliable since they are equipped with a self-diagnosis system that protects them from the most common causes of breakage: overheating, frost and voltage irregularity. These pumps are extremely silent, self-priming to allow easy and quick start-up, equipped with transparent cover for easy inspection and cleaning of the basket, and an intuitive graphical interface to simplify its settings.

Besgo valves

Besgo valves offer maximum operating safety. The air pressure opens the valves while the spring pressure closes them during the backwash. In case of lack of tension during the washing phases, it returns to the filtering position thus avoiding the emptying of the tank or flooding. It allows to carry out the filter washing maneuvers without turning off the filtering pump. By using these valves the rinsing of the filter must no longer be carried out as they have a reduced pressure loss and are compatible with every type of system.


Smart-Tech has a Touch interface integrated into the control panel located in the technical room that allows operators access with level passwords to program, coordinate and control the equipment of the entire wellness center. Among the setting controls it is possible the modification of technical parameters, switch on and off with daily timetables, check the operating status, setting and monitoring temperatures and working cycles, as well as displaying alarms of a possible malfunction.



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