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It is a pool and whirlpool water treatment system developed from marine biology studies. The system aims to prevent biological growth instead of killing bacteria using huge amount of chemical treatment. We reach this result trough two instruments:

  • Using AFM which is a bio-resistant filter material. It prevents bacterial growth, then biofilm formation.
  • Optimal coagulation and flocculation with APF and ZPM which eliminates nutrition from the water and prevents bacterial growth.

As a result, the amount of chlorine required decreases until 80%. Lower chlorine consumption means less presence of secondary chlorine reaction products as thricloramine for example.

AFM (Activated Filter Material)

It is a bio-resistant material which has a strong negative charge, prevents bacterial growth, and is twice more effective than quartz sand filter.

  • Prevents lumps and channels in the filter bed
  • Removes bacteria as Legionella, Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium
  • Eradicates chlorine smell from the environment due to the drastic reduction of Thricloramine
  • Owing to its strong negative charge, AFM makes an electrostatic filtration of 0.4 micron. The result is crystal clear water.

APF (All Polly Floc) and ZPM (Zeta Potential Mixer)

APF is a product for coagulation and flocculation. Where coagulation is the destabilization of dissolved chemicals to form a precipitate. While flocculation is the process of bringing the colloidal suspensions of small particles together to form larger particles or flocs that can be easily removed

ZPM is a mixer that violently mixes and cavitates water. Its purpose is to kill bacteria by revolving water at high speed, improve coagulation and flocculation processes, mix APF without breaking flocs, and improve the chemical process using mechanic energy.

Combining AFM, APF, and ZPM, water achieves a filtering level of 0.1 micron which corresponds to standards requested for drinking water.


Reduction or abolition of Legionella, Pseudomonas or Cryptosporidium. Elimination of chlorine smell from the environment. Economic saving (less amount of chemical products, 50% less of water used during counter washing, less electrical energy consumption).

Modulating pumps with permanent magnets

Another crucial factor to Daisy system optimization is the water speed inside the filtering bed.

In order to obtain optimal results is necessary to modify water speed by following some stages. Replacing the traditional filtering pump having steady pace with a new one having variable speed and permanent magnets, Daisy’s performance will increase by 40%.

These pumps having high performance, quality and technological innovation ensure up to an 80% less of electric energy consumption.

Disinfection without chemicals

Dryden aqua completes Daisy’s range by including an electronic control unit that produces free radicals. They are much more efficient and reactive than chlorine when it comes to oxidize the organic substances inside the tank or plant.

Unlike chlorine, free radicals do not produce any toxic substance.


  • Better oxidation with free radicals
  • Safe and ecological disinfection with low management costs.
  • Drinking water

Watch this video

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